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After a long break I decided to reactivate the blog. This time I have a nnew, even more useless invention – an unusual bluetooth accesory.

Most of you probably use smartphones with touch screens, but some people still prefer classic mobile phones. Now you dan dial the numbers from your little notebook just like in the good, old days!

The device is based on Nordic Semiconductor nRF51422 chip (NRF51 DK board). It is recognized as a bluetooth keyboard, so no additional software is required. All you need is a phone with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) support. The firmware is a modiffied HID keyboard example from the SDK, so it took me only about an hour to add a rotary dial support. The dial itself which generates the pulse dial signal was taken out of an old phone. The board could be powered from a 3V coin cell battery, but I have connected a large, flat, 4,5V battery because small coin batteries are not hipster enough!

You can get the source code below. NRF51 SDK 8.0.0 is required to build(available here). I have built it with Keil 5, but it should also work with ARM GCC or IAR compilers.

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  4. Very funny and quie ingenious.

  5. Wow, that was really cool to see. I miss using the rotary phones. I remember playing with them at my grandparents house when I was little. Thanks so much for explaining how you did this project.

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  7. – to kompleks trzech ekskluzywnych apartamentowców…

  8. I only have access to Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, is there a way of connecting it in the same way as you have with the NRF51 DK board? I see that the Raspberry Pi 3 is also bluetooth, so wondered if it were possible.

    Thanks for the help.

  9. Cześć Paweł!!
    Czy mógłbyś dać listę podzespołów itd. do tego projektu?

  10. Hi Pawel,

    I love the bluetooth dial, have done a project with a rotary phone dial too (see link below)

    I really love your Floppotron device. I almost dropped on the floor laughing.!
    Imagine it in concert with a real orchestra.!! Keep up the good work man.

  11. Hi there,

    Loving your projects!

    For the phone, is there any way you can implement a I/O low=>high flank pick up phone or open dual screen and same I/O high=>low hang up? Other I/O pulse for call?

    So that no screen action on the phone is nescesarry?

    I’ve got idea of making a desk docking station / charger of an old phone.

    Hope you like the idea

  12. Hi! I’d love to speak to you about a project for my company. Absolutely love your videos and wondering if you would be interested in working together. Please let me know and we can discuss further.


  13. You should build some kind of dock around it like it’s a real telephone, i’m sure you could have that 3d printed! Would be awesome! Also more floppotron tunes man!!!! cheers from france!

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  15. […] convert a rotary dial for use with modern technology, but this one adds a new twist to the mix: it uses Bluetooth 4.0. [Silent] used a Nordic Semiconductor NRF51 DK development board for the project, which was built […]

  16. […] convert a rotary dial for use with modern technology, but this one adds a new twist to the mix: it uses Bluetooth 4.0. [Silent] used a Nordic Semiconductor NRF51 DK development board for the project, which was built […]

  17. Very cool! I will look into building myself. I will let you know if I have any success with the project.
    Thanks for your time and effort. SSSuper Cool!!!!

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  19. […] Zadrożniak wrote in to show us how he built a functioning rotary dial for his cell phone. The project isn’t very complex, you only really need three pieces: the rotary dial, […]

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